Monday, March 5, 2012

Occupy Wall Street - Save it now!

Barrie Featherstone

Houston TX. March 5th, 2012

I attended my first "official" Occupy Houston meeting yesterday (3/4/12). I met some fine people and offered my opinion freely but for the most part I was bewildered by the process and ego driven rhetoric that kept finding its way into the discussion.

I see some fundamental flaws in the movement not just here in Houston but nationally too. We have to address these issues in a realistic manner and take concrete and specific actions to correct them immediately. If we don't there will soon be a whole new set of issues to contend with and the OWM will be no more. I am talking specifically about the scheduled war with Iran. Here's one scenario.

Millions of Americans will awake and turn on their mind control devices, tuning to the news channel they feel best represents their view point. Of course neither does either, they are all on the same team, much like our "free" society two party system. They are all under the control and direction of the Banking Cartel which is almost singularly responsible for every social injustice that has occurred over the past century. It's time to address it, today!

Newscast Scenario

Last night, while America slept, Israeli bombers (Using US supplied aircraft and US supplied Munitions) delivered a devastating blow to Iran's nuclear infrastructure. China and the Russia has condemned this action and promised to intervene in the crisis if is not resolved immediately. The markets have responded and oil hit a new all time high currently trading at $400.00 a barrel. The Whitehouse issued a statement saying that our oil reserve stock piles are at an all time high and the government is confident that we have adequate supplies to fill any gaps in production that may occur in the short term.

Despite this statement large lines are forming at gas stations around the country. Mr Fred Clueless of Seattle Washington described the scene at one of them.

"It's incredible, I've been in line now for over 4 hours and the price has risen 6 times! When I got here it was $4.96 a gallon and now it's $7.43. Who knows how much it will cost by the time I get to the pump. If it's more than $8.00, I personally won't be able to fill up".

In other news, Snookie announced she is planning to write a book. The book to be titled, "How to make a living as a Reality Star" is scheduled for publication in 3 days or as soon as she sobers up, whichever comes first. In it she will offer advice on parenting, eco friendliness, and how to get an audition for 16 and pregnant. She promises it will be at least 10 pages long and full of great photos.

Gold hits $3,500.00 an ounce.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

Two weeks later.

With gas now standing at $16.00 a gallon millions of Americans can no longer afford the drive to work. Many hundreds of thousands of them are taking to the streets to protest the war and out of control prices. Inflation is running at 14% and grocery store shelves are being emptied of basic staples as soon as they are put out.

These protests appear to be piggy backing off the Occupy Wall Street movement but unlike the peaceful nature of earlier protests, these protests are becoming increasingly more violent. In San Francisco today, Police were forced to use water cannons, gas, and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd after someone in the crowd began firing shots in the direction of the Officers (Agitators placed there).

Three weeks later.

The president today issued an emergency order under the authority of the Homeland Security Act. "Make no mistake, if you interfere with the business of business on the streets of America, you will be arrested". John Cronie, current Homeland Security Chief issued the following statement.

"This is a time in our nation's history when we have to pull together, it is not the time to dissent, it’s time to suck it up". We didn't start this war; therefore we are not responsible for the economic conditions that are a consequence today. We have a number of facilities at our disposal where we can house every single protestor if we have to. We are concerned that the OWM has now shown its true colors, they are on a mission of anarchy, determined to destroy society as we know it and they are doing this fueled by violence.

This is terrorism in its purest form, and we are duty bound to protect the public from these despots. Make no mistake they represent a threat potentially more devastating than Al Qaeda and we will crush these terrorists, just as we have crushed Al Qaeda".

Two weeks later

Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Bernard Bernanke announced today measures to curb inflation and put the economy back on track.

“The crisis we face today is not just impacting Americans but billions of ordinary people across the globe. The Federal Reserve has committed to transferring its total assets to the World Bank. The central banks of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan, have pledged to do the same. With these assets we are creating a new currency, this currency will be called the "now you're really fu**ed dollar". This new global currency will address many of the inequalities that exist globally, curb inflation, and stop currency speculation. All national debts will be paid from this new currency”.

Do I need to continue? In Houston I saw special interest group, after special interest group present their personal pain. We all have that and there are thousands of injustices that need to be addressed; trust me, I have mine. But all of them including corporate/political greed and corruption, and no matter how heinous, are just symptomatic tentacles of a bigger monster. In 1913 the illegally conceived and implemented Federal Reserve Act became the ultimate instrument of control and domination.

"When you or I write a check there must be sufficient funds in out account to cover the check, but when the Federal Reserve writes a check there is no bank deposit on which that check is drawn. When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money." — Putting it simply, Boston Federal Reserve Bank

Only one thing was missing to give the cartel complete control. The Gold Standard meant that currency could only be issued in an amount equal to the amount of Gold reserves on hand. When president "I am not a liar" Nixon removed this obstacle in August of 1971 the cartel was free to create as much money as it deemed necessary. That policy has artificially created every single cycle of recession, depression, boom and bust that has plagued us for what in 2013 will be a century.

"This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill." — Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., 1913

Of course not all politicians are corrupt and a handful has, over the years seriously challenged the authority of the Federal Reserve. Virtually all of them suffered an early demise, either by direct assassination or an early death due to "natural causes". The most recent, Ron Paul has been a consistent and vocal opponent of the Federal Reserve, he has introduced numerous bills to bring them into check, all of them without exception languish in various sub committees where they stayed until the legislative session expired, rendering them useless instrument of rhetoric. It's hard to take seriously a man that says so much and does so little. The fact that he lives and breathes should be cause enough to at least question his true intentions.

"Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States" — Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AR)

Let’s get back to the meeting in Houston. The first two hours were wasted on a discussion as to what type of meeting it actually was. Announcement after announcement was made advertising one cause or another. At the end of the five hours all we had managed to do was adopt a values statement, agree to form work groups, and made a loose commitment to meet again.

What actually took place was a round table discussion on how to reinvent the wheel. A special interest group now has a vehicle (a working group) to attract support for resources to further their particular cause. This is our current political system in action, with one notable exception. Any recommendation or cause of action is brought back to the General Assembly for discussion and consensus of opinion as opposed to a handful of elected officials.

As the GA has no requirement for attendance, no elected officials, (or in fact no disciplined structure to function in at all) it is vulnerable to exploitation by special interest groups. Have more of your supporters show up than the majority in attendance and the cause has just fallen victim to fraud and conspiracy, sound familiar?

I'm sorry Kids, at 53 years old I have been around the block many times. A horizontal, leaderless process, simply will NOT work. Our current political system in place is not at fault. The people WE elect to run it are. If you succeed through public pressure to remove one element, another equally corrupt element will immediately take its place. So what do we do to address this?

Step one

Understand this. The very first time a placard was waived in front of a camera protesting corporate greed and corruption, a declaration of war was issued to the establishment. Although a peaceful movement it is still a war, a war we simply cannot afford to lose. Time has almost run out.

NOW is the time to inventory our arsenal and arm ourselves with the most powerful weapon we have, the truth. Demonstration alone will not achieve our goals, if our troops are too thinly spread across the battle field they will quickly find themselves surrounded by armed response teams and their efforts thwarted. No, what we need is to fight them from the inside. We need our own Politician, not one from the existing pool but one from within the ranks.

We also need a financial war chest to buy our own media time in order to be able to educate the public in a way they understand. It is not my generation that will facilitate change, the vast majority sold out decades ago. It is the youth of America that must pick up the flag and march forward, but to be successful, they must attract and maintain, the support of the generations that proceed them.


The organization has to have a Spokesperson, someone who can intelligently debate pricks like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Shawn Hannity, and others. This individual serves at the invitation of the populous for as long as the populous supports what they hear and represents majority opinion. She/he should be funded by donations solicited and channeled through the cause.

We have to take on and educate the public through not only protest but by exploiting bought media time on two of the most pressing issues. They are (in my opinion).

1. Our monetary system should be in the hands of the people, not a private cartel.

2. An end to campaign financing. NO corporate or organizational donation, and no individual contribution over an agreed fixed amount.

3. The implementation of a minimum standard of living law, as opposed to a minimum wage. This would create a model that other nations would be free to adopt.

Ok, all fine and dandy but if we achieve this what do we put in its place?

Our banking system should immediately revert to the control of our elected officials. Our Governments mission would be as follows.

1. Introduce a bill that in the interests of National Security seizes the assets of the Federal Reserves and places them in a treasury account. By order of the people the Government cancels all public debt to the Federal Reserve.

2. In its place we will have within the treasury the money that is now truly owned by the people. We will set our balance to the total amount of the GDP, no more, and no less. We will no longer contribute to the financing of dictatorial and corrupt leaders of developing countries. By that I mean we will withdraw immediately from the IMF and the World Bank.

3. We will no longer publicly finance corporate bailouts. If a business fails because of poor business practices or weak and ineffective management so be it. In a truly free enterprise system, the system will cure the problem. This puts an end to Social Welfare for business.

4. Our politician will interview every single elected member of Government and provide them with the evidence they need to support these measures. If they refuse we will note their objection and then out them to the General Public, demand impeachment, and put forward a candidate that represents a new breed of politician, an honest one with no personal agenda, or favors to repay. Not some jacked up narcissistic rich Lawyer.

Our first spokesperson needs to be located at the enemy headquarters in Washington D.C. and we must do all we can do in our power to protect them and their family.

We must support these actions by utilizing Public Relations and Image consultants. We finance these measures through individual donations, on the understanding that they can neither expect or express any form of favor or remuneration for their donation. There are plenty of Celebrities, all 1% ers by the way that will give if asked.

Of course these are basically macro statements and lack the substance of identifying and dealing with the infinite number of "what ifs" that will occur. But it is a starting point and will allow us to focus our most limited resources (people) to where they can have the most impact.; outside the branches of the Federal Reserve.

A national leadership hierarchy is necessary to accomplish these goals; we can put our own safeguards in place to ensure transparency. No set terms and always at the invitation of the populous.

If you gleaned one thing from this message, I hope it that you now feel that as a minimum you ought to commit to examining the information that’s available and form your own opinion. Look, I personally don't care how much the net worth of the Rothschilds, Morgans, etc is. I only care how they use their influence for their own agenda.

I am not going to go down the same path as the likes of David Icke and marginalize my own opinion by offering up some reptilian alien theory or equally outlandish claim. I am going to adopt an "Is what it is" attitude. For many years, I have known of this problem but try as I might I never could quite figure out why? Why any individual or group would want to have so much power that they can manipulate entire nations, engineer conflict, and set artificial economic conditions for their exclusive benefit. And then it hit me.

Several months ago I attended a Zeitgeist meeting at the invitation of a friend. Prior to attending I did as much research as I possibly could and I entered the meeting thinking this was a dream of fairytale proportions. The basic premise of Zeitgeist is that we live on a Planet of Abundant resources and that we have the technology to make sure that we can all live a life of abundance and harmony.

I asked some questions of the other "3" people in attendance and they couldn’t answer them. When I returned home, I told my wife how such a life was possible. Her first question was this.

Does that mean we can all have a hot tub? Why she picked a hot tub I'll never know, she hasn't been in a hot tub with me that I can recall. However, as I thought about this simplistic request I realized that it exposed a major flaw in the Zeitgeist movement. Forget hot tubs how about we all get an 80' yacht with a crew to run it?

Unfortunately, as long as mankind covets material acquisition and tries to obtain those objects that they want as opposed to those things they actually need, this system cannot work. Someone will find a way to "Get theirs" George Orwell said it best in his book Animal Farm. The central character a Pig named Napoleon addressed the pigs assembled before him with the following statement.

"All pigs are created equal, it's just that some pigs are more equal than others".

The second flaw is that we really don't know if we live on a planet of abundant resources unless we actually inventory them. I think the names behind the Central Banking Systems know this and realize that no matter how many resources are available many of them are not renewable and therefore finite. Eventually, global population could exceed our resource pool. At that time they are in a position to dominate what assets remain.


The reality of 2012 is that millions of jobs have been lost due to advancements in Technology and corporate greed not least of which is their willingness to exploit developing country labor pools. These jobs CANNOT be replaced under the current system. The ruling elite know this and that is why they are accelerating as fast as they can toward the final goal of Global Domination.

That leaves a simple unanswered question. If we have no jobs for these people (including my unemployed self) then what do we do with them?

The answer is simple:

A. Take care of them

B. Get rid of them

Which of these do you think is taking place?

I have provided you some research links, there are thousands more, all you need is access to Google. Let's get moving before it truly is too late.

The Creature at Jekyl Island

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Jupiter said...

I happened to stumble across your post through a google search. I really like your article and I appreciate that you are trying to educate the public through blogging, I have recently decided to embark on a similar endeavor, although I mostly just post youtube videos that I've run across. People need to wake up and I try to tell my friends some of the stuff that is going on behind the scenes in the world but they usually either don't even care, probably think that I'm crazy, or they say, "That's just the way it is"...But they don't understand the sociopathic tendencies that these elitists have...

I have a bachelor's degree and it hasn't gotten me anywhere and given the direction in which our economy is heading, I doubt that it will get me anywhere. About the only thing that I have going for me right now is the fact that I am currently not in any debt whatsoever...I'm thankful for that every day, but there are just not really any legitimate opportunities to make a comfortable living in our current economic situation.

I believe that the internet shows some potential in raising awareness to people because it has raised mine.

I guess if nothing else, people like you and I can just hope to raise awareness.

Keep spreading knowledge!

P.S. You can check out my blog at Seeking Truth

It really isn't anything special, and although I'm aware of much more I just try to present some material that may get people to start THINKING ABOUT THINKING about this sort of stuff. I'm just hoping that people can stumble across it somehow and get something out of it.

I'm madder than Hell! said...

Thanks for your comments. You might be interested in an organization called Oath Keepers, I'm not endorsing them, form your own opinion. You also might find it interesting to look into an African American lead protest against the Federal Reserve. Came out Guns Blazing and then silence. Keep up the good work and keep your spirits up. You are a true patriot.

Jupiter said...

Thanks for the links. In the spirit of sharing I would suggest that you run a google search on Michael Ruppert, he has some interesting things to say.